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Temescal Valley, Corona linked in ▶

Corona City labor dispute

A major recall effort in the City of Corona linked to our location in the Temescal Valley 92883 roils the body politic at this time.  A variety of disputes raise the specter of this effort to unseat the Corona mayor and two other council members.
Sometimes you wonder why some stories of grave national importance get so little coverage in the local, regional, or national press. The USA Pension Crisis is one of those stories. The topic prompts with #SocialCurrentSee due to the fact that a Corona City labor dispute is bringing forward evidence that the Corona version of the pension mess is a contributing source of local angst. Add your comments below.
Rule #1 for driving Temescal Valley (TV): If you are traveling this way and would normally take the freeways through the Temescal Valley and Corona, stay on the freeway the entire distance. Don't exit to side streets even if some traffic app alerts that such an alternative route may be beneficial. Usually, it is…