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RIVCO unincorporated areas have $52m funding gap

RIVCO unincorporated areas have a $52m annual funding gap  Riverside County (RIVCO) 1st District Supervisor Kevin Jeffries displays much candor and public transparency when he shares with citizens the following data in his December newsletter:Revenues Generated in Unincorporated Areas of the County: ▶ County Share of Unincorporated Property Taxes: $53.3 million ▶ County Share of Unincorporated Supplemental Taxes: $0.8 million ▶ Unincorporated Share of Motor Vehicle In-Lieu Fees: $26.7 million ▶ Sales Tax Collected in Unincorporated Areas: $27.9 million ▶ Unincorporated Franchise Fees $6.9 million
TOTAL REVENUES: $115.6 million Expenses for Basic Public Safety Services in Unincorporated Areas of the County: ▶ Sheriff Patrol: $92.7 million ▶ Fire Protection: $56.5 million ▶ Code Enforcement: $6.4 million ▶ Animal Services: $11.8 million
TOTAL EXPENSES: $167.4 million "This $52 million annual gap further illustrates that simply adding 'rooftops' to our communities is not goin…