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WHAT is an HOA WATCHDOG?  Do they really exist? AltaCITIES▶▶ via @flipboard
ALTACITIES® CANSWERIST® blogs here and archives for SocialCurrentSee®

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Readership of newspapers is clearly declining. Print journalism business is dying.  No wonder, then, that journalistic coverage of common interest developments (aka HOAs) is virtually non-existent.  Web and social media sources like blogs, Twitter, and YouTube offer some coverage of HOA subjects with a somewhat effective investigative (watchdog) slant. This blog as well as our SocialCurrentSee endeavor to archive some of this content.

With some 9 million California residents living in HOAs, this may be the largest population in the state without free press coverage of their communities. Yes, to the dismay of many, there is really very little mainstream media coverage of common interest developments, the communities where an ever growing number of homeowners and r…

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Petition by iPetitions
▶ This LINK takes readers to a PETITION location regarding an urgent TRILOGY GLEN IVY matter: The long-neglect repairs for the common interest area lakes, specifically Lake#16, in our community. If you live in TGI, please sign the petition.
AltaCITIES▶ via @flipboard


As some 1317 homeowners in the common interest development (aka HOA) of TRILOGY Glen Ivy (TGI) contemplate the long-standing failure here to effect CC&R maintenance for common areas in and around our community, some wonder if this malady is also common to other HOA locations?
The answer, of course is affirmative, if you Flip▶ and this FLIPBOARD archive ... As usual, the WHO answer for this topic, comes from a clip by well-known and prolific HOA blogger Deborah Goonan of Independent American Communities
WHAT are the common areas in common interest developments?
A SEARCH here gives multiple sources to answer this question. WHEN we look…

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WHO▶ Is the source for ALTACITIES®? The microblogger @ altaloman creates and curates this domain and compiles content for the Flipboard site by the same name. This is a place where ALTACITIES links, amplifies, and archives selected web content dealing with #HOAs, #CIDs, #POAs, #homeowner, #associations and a variety of other hashtag (#) subjects related to the common interest developments... ~ post compiled and archived by CANSWERIST for SocialCurrentSee

 ALTACITIES ®, an acronym for "ALTERNATE CITIES", is the web moniker for the neighborhood of sites, blogs and locations created and managed by @ altaloman, in reference to our first web journals and blogging activity when residents of Alta Loma in Southern California. In 2011, we moved but these ALTACITIES ® remain in the form of common interest developments ▶

WHAT▶ Is aggregation? (1) The formation of a number of things into a cluster: a single dose of aspirin irreversibly inhibits the normal aggregatio…