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‘Solar eclipse’ for California HOAs AB-634 What does the average California solar installation cost? SLIDESHOW

▶ In CA, the total average cost of an installed residential solar (PV) system is about $16,950 for a four-kilowatt system, the average size of a residential installation.
But since we are among 182 owners in the unique Cobblestone Canyon (condos) of Trilogy Glen Ivy, it stands to reason the average-capacity system would not meet our needs here.
But even if it did and we could reasonably move through the HOA approval hurdles (see attached report), the amortization of such a system seems well beyond reach.
Let’s assume a solar system could drop our monthly bills to zero. For 2017, our monthly SCE bills averaged $58.30, or 644.21 for the year. My simple math calculation means it would take 26 years to amortize a $16,950 solar system.
Simply observing that this idea is not in the cards at this time even though a new California law (AB-634) grants more lib…

*SCS ▶ Mark★Monday ▶ HOA Board Meeting Parameters

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ARCHIVE WORTHY▶ B R E A K I N G  N E W S ▶ Question: “I am a new board member. The present board does almost everything in executive session. Then the president makes short announcements at the open board meeting [as to what were the decisions]. When questioned, the president responds that information in any executive session is confidential. I have spoken out that these items need to be ‘agendized’, discussed and voted on in open meetings. The board has now decided to investigate me for violation of confidential information in executive session because I have related at open meetings that the announcements of actions in executive session should have b…