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Northfork (MN) HOA ▶#SocialCurrentSee®

The Google Earth image above is a hovering shot from above a Minnesota State common interest development (aka HOA) that may be the site of a most unusual story, archived below:
▶ As we archive this Trilogy of HOA stories, our lead item is a fascinating account from 15830 Andrie St NW, a house in a Ramsey, MN 55303 HOA▶ This 3,227 square foot house features 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms▶ This property was built in 1992▶Located in central Minnestoa, Northfork is a 1,250 acre planned community located on the far western side of the the City of Ramsey, and eastern border of Elk River▶ Northfork has an active Homeowners Association committed to keeping this a great community in which to live▶ The Homeowners Association owns approximately 300 acres of open space, trails and lake accesses for use and enjoyment by Northfork residents▶

▶ Now, a Q&A of some interest: "I’m the newly elected president of my association. Last week at our first meeting, the board decided to terminate the assoc…

#CEA #Estimates ▶#SocialCurrentSee®

As we search further into the mysteries of #EQI and the main purveyor of earthquake insurance in the Golden State and land of quakes, we come up with▶ Given what we have already discovered and revealed in two previous posts on this blog, we now turn some attention to the process of obtaining a 2017 #EQI quote at the #CEA site▶ The reality of this educational exercise is that the search is basically useless to me as a purchase opportunity for the reasons that I will explain below▶

We are homeowners in a common interest development, aka homeowners association or HOA, but also residents of a condominium in a social benefit area (SBA) for that Inland Empire, Southern California community▶ While the #CEA site offers estimates on condo #EQI, the caveats at the site advise that customers must connect with one of their 24 licensed agent brokers (those the CEA calls "participating insurers" ▶ ▶ The reason that the link and contact to participating CEA insurers is…

#Transparency▶ #SocialCurrentSee®

Search▶ HOA Lawyers
Bingo, bango, bongo or just While it's true that you find more than a million links for the topic above at the sites searched, you may not need to go any further than your neighborhood HOA to understand the powerful link between your association and the legal counsel they have hired▶ It also won't take you long to realize that the very same legal counsel is the primary roadblock to real transparency within your association, or at least that is the observation of this HOA citizen journalist.
If you read the a series of search results and archive on topic (#transparency), the question of how much or how little transparency exists in the typical common interest development (aka HOA) is answered only by personal experience▶ As for our Inland Empire, Southern California HOA, the #transparency experience is uneven, at best▶ In California, the complicated Davis-Stirling law (DSL) specifies these topics only for private, executive se…