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Condo owners and would-be buyers are monitoring this news from the FHA and home mortgage front. The topic has particular interest for condo owners who are now seeking reverse mortgages now or in the future.

At our HOA community, TRILOGY Glen Ivy, we have lacked this FHA certification mainly due to a side issue that relates to the presence of our community enhancement fund. This requires that all close escrows on properties sold are required to pay a .5% fee on the sales price to the enhancement fund that is managed by a separate nonprofit board aligned with our HOA governing board, but not controlled by that board.

The FHA alarms about HOA community enhancement funds seems to be a bogus issue.  Why haven't the Feds concluded that these funds are actually a way communities can pay for improvements without raising regular dues?

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The bingo, bango, bongo, or just a BING search of the #SocialCurrentSee behind this clip follows and archives a story of common interest developments, also known as homeowner associations (HOAs). The lead clip in the series is provided by well-known and trusted source, Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities, who is prolific on topic in content for #SocialCurrentSee. ▶ homeowner associations
A Home Owners Association (HOA) is an organization of homeowners of a particular subdivision, condominium or planned unit development. The purpose of a home owners association is to provide a common basis for preserving maintaining and enhancing their homes and property. · [more"Homeowner Association (HOA) laws vary from state to state in the USA, but basically are private forms of governance for distinct and defined neighborhoods." · [more]

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