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Shifting to EQI for HOAs

With around only 10% of Californians carrying earthquake insurance (EQI) and much fewer than that percentage with EQI who live in homeowner associations (HOAs), the issue is both a hot topic and neglected issue for many California Homeowners. However, because the issue is particularly dicey in common interest developments (CIDs), inspection and awareness of the issue from the perspective of those who manage these locations, should be considered. That's why we chose to inspect the following: Brad Watson, CMCA, AMS, is president of Property Management Professionals LLC in Los Angeles, an accredited association management company. This column contains general information about HOA practices and does not represent the specific CC&Rs of each HOA or replace the advice of an attorney.

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Anthem security warning

The ANTHEM security breach is just another in a long line of similar incidents and, unfortunately, this will not be the last. That's why I lodged a complaint recently with the service that manages my electronic medical record (EMR) for City of Hope.

My plea dealt with the fact that the EMR online request asked for my social security number to be entered but, of course, I declined and told the service (via and email) that it is ill-advisable for EMR systems to ask for that type of personal information. This ANTHEM issue is evidence enough that EMR operators should not only shore up their security settings, but adjust their policies to not ask for personal information they simply do not need.

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What is #textneck? Why care?

Some may refer to the condition as #iphoneitus, others #textneck, but our incessant obsession with mobile devices has health consequences. + Too Much Technology Could Lead To "Text Neck" ... Remember the concern about carpal tunnel syndrome? That may have been the signature tech malady for the boomer generation, but now the proliferation of mobile devices has ushered in another problem for generations that follow.  Put those devices down and take frequent breaks, as advised.

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