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HOA ▶ Bill of Rights

Post original on 10Oct17, revised 23March18
Re: California Davis-Stirling Law ▶ Google ▶ Amazon ▶ SlideshowPDFIf you live in a common interest development, aka homeowners association (HOA), as most are doing in the Temescal Valley (and some 9 million throughout California), you should have a reference to the DAVIS-STIRLING LAW (DSL). ▶ This site does not give legal advice
▶ PRIVACY STATEMENT▶ Under DSL, a developer of a common interest development is able to create a homeowner association (HOA) to govern the development. As part of creating the HOA, the developer records a document known as the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) against the units or parcels within the HOA with the county recorder. So, first and foremost, the HOA is an invention for real estate developers and a consequence for homeowners who buy into HOAs. Even though it is not a governmental entity, but a private business, the HOA operates like an “alternate …


Creekside Golf Club owners sue homeowners association overspending
POSTCARD What does the average California solar installation cost? ▶ POWTOON ▶

▶Creekside Golf Club owners sue homeowners association overspending
★ Statesman Journal ▶ ALTACITIES Flip
Creekside Golf Club's owners have asked a judge to remove the board of an adjacent homeowners association and put the HOA into receivership. It's the latest volley in a two-year legal battle that will decide whether the club's owners, developers Larry Tokarski and Terry Kelly, can close the South ...
▶ Police Bust Criminal Operation Run out of Gated Community ★ ▶ ALTACITIES Flip ▶ “They were coming and going at very odd hours of the night ... I had suspected ... perhaps they were selling drugs out of the house,” says a woman who also did not want to be identified. Many reported what they saw to their homeowner's association. They say police wer…