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NV court rules on HOA foreclosures

The last thing any homeowner wishes to happen is foreclosure on his home.  For sure, that problem is one of the worst financial disasters for any homeowner, but it is also a disaster for lenders, notably so if the dwelling is located within an HOA.  Typically, HOAs have been in a privileged position on foreclosures, that is, they stand at the front of the line before banks and mortgage lenders due to a lot of reasons.  But the world may be changing when some states (like Nevada) change the game.

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How are HOAs akin to Amtrak?

In California, homeowners in common interest developments (CIDs) and homeowner associations (HOAs) live and die with the legislative intent of the Davis-Stirling Act. This law is just one of numerous state statutes throughout the USA that carry implicit delegations of legislative powers, perhaps contrary to the constitution, if you take the position of author George K. Staropoli, a notable writer on matters HOA.

Says Staropoli: "With respect to violations of the Constitution, the Supreme Court decision in DOT held 1) that private parties cannot draft agreements to circumvent the Constitution by declaring that an entity, specifically a corporation, is a private organization, 2) that such a determination is made by the courts based on the corporation’s functions, powers and authority, and 3) that in order for a private entity’s delegation of legislative authority to be constitutional, there must be control, supervision and accountability to the state. I have presented my case that…

Waiting for 'The' as #39444

The Grid is the first artificial intelligence platform that designs websites.  Along with nearly 50,000 other beta subscribers, I am still waiting for the beta test version.  Right now, only about 100 of the first subscribers are testing the beta product, but, hopefully others will be on board soon.

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CA 'waterless world' ... except off left coast

As California’s drought stretches into a fourth year, the common finger-pointing has taken some ridiculous turns. But strident politics and incriminations offer no solutions to this Golden State mega-problem without a silver lining.  One of the most intriguing options takes into account the largest body of water in proximity, the massive Pacific Ocean. Despite the sea salt within, many believe that desalination on a major scale is a viable solution.


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Life in drought: Sustenance with little H2O

Generally speaking, homeowner associations (HOA) are particular about landscaping and architectural amenities.  For that reason, many of the homeowners in our HOA are more than a little peeved about the state of despair that is displayed by one of the primary lakes in the center of our community.  While the well-publicized California drought might seem to be the cause of this dry lake bed, that is really not the problem at all.  It has to do with a legal conflict over the CC&Rs for the lake curator, the golf course that resides within our community.


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Is Florida the Medicare fraud capital of the world?

Most of the content of this blog deals with common interest developments and homeowners associations (HOAs), but not all concerns of those who live in these communities deals with dwellings, landscaping, rules & regulations.  Homeowners, particularly those who are retirement age or approaching retirement, have multiple concerns in other areas, notably in healthcare.


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"If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realit... #dailyqotd#qotd — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) June 23, 2015

What do you know about D&O insurance?

One of the most esoteric topics in the HOA world (homeowner associations and common interest developments) is the subject of directors & officers insurance.  The expense is usually identified as a separate line item in the HOA budget, but homeowners rarely, if ever, pay attention to the matter.

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"Turn your wounds into wisdom." ~Oprah Winfrey #dailyqotd#qotd — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) June 22, 2015

Xeriscaping: Now time for HOAs to embrace

Xeriscaping is landscaping and gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation. It is promoted in regions that do not have easily accessible, plentiful, or reliable supplies of fresh water, and is gaining acceptance in other areas as access to water becomes more limited. Xeriscaping may be an alternative to various types of traditional gardening.

Given the severity of the prolonged California drought, the Golden State may well become the test tube for widespread xeriscaping and common interest developments or HOAs may do well to embrace the concept now rather than later.  But the prospect of enlightened minds on the topic do not bode well when you read the following story: HOA forces homeowner to rip out xeriscaping

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CA grabs funds from unsuspecting homeowners

As a state, California budget problems are legendary. Running the most populous and one of the most progressive states in the nation means an effective drive for the state executives and legislature to find a constant flow of funds for the maintenance of infrastructure, social programs, and statewide development. That means the following report of an unfortunate scheme to enrich the state at the expense of those who could least afford the "money grab" is not surprising.

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No breaks for Gen Y & Z at some HOAs

Should you live in a normal neighborhood as in a non-HOA community, you know how common is the presence of children and teenagers playing in the streets. However, those who live in HOAs and common interest developments know that such activities may be prohibited or restricted. Often, the inevitable conflict that arises about the usage of streets and common areas for children's play will become an issue, as it has in some of the 'social current see' items cited below.

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Fence mending 101 at your HOA

According to HOA WARRIOR author Shelly Marshall, "Most people don't realize the broad sweeping powers that a board of directors have over life when you buy a home in an association. In fact, you won't know it until you are in crisis. But Shelly Marshall, owner/advocate, has paved a path for you. This book leads the homeowner step by step in how to use everything at their disposal in order to take on and effect change with an Association Board of Directors. Taken from her personal experience with an out of control board, where the homeowners won, you can learn from her personal stories and the many stories of other homeowners who took on the good fight. Don't let your board or their attorneys intimidate you."

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