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A great number of members at ​NEXTDOOR (a popular community message board) reside in common interest developments, aka HOAs, or homeowner associations. We know the governing documents and rules that define HOAs are largely determined by state law. Occasionally, Federal laws will be introduced that affect HOA members, too. ALTACITIES looks at three pending bills in Congress that will, if passed, affect California HOAs.

▶House Resolution (“H.R.”) 2996 and Senate Bill (“S.B.”) 2109 would amend the Stafford Act, the law under which the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) operates. FEMA has in recent years taken the position that HOAs are not covered by the Stafford Act  because FEMA considers them “business associations” and therefore are not eligible for emergency assistance. This caused great consternation in 2012 during Hurricane Sandy, which pounded the East Coast, particularly New Jersey. Based on their interpretation of the Stafford Act  FEMA refused to assist common interes…

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▶ TWITTER moments (like the one archived here) and social media content well archive the location and sources of some recent #HOA news▶  According to the Community Associations Institute (CAI), there are more than 333,000 HOAs, CIDs, or POAs in the U.S.▶ These communities include more than 26 million dwellings and over 66.7 million residents (2014 data)▶ Homeowners associations account for about 51–55% of the totals, condominium communities for 42–45% and cooperatives for 3–4%▶ Florida, California, and Texas are home to more than 100,000 associations with over 20 million residents combined ▶Posted

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The sites and locations, aka the #SocialCurrentSee of #Canswerist (@Altaloman) takes a periodic timeout to review the stories and content pertaining to common interest developments (homeowner associations or HOAs), the fastest growing segment of residential communities in the United States. This happens to be the type of community we selected to buy into upon our retirement in 2011. Actually, that year was about 12 months after our official retirement, but the date is no longer relevant. Also see: HOARecover

⚡️ “#HOARecover#SocialCurrentSee®” ▶#HOA — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) November 3, 2016