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Generosity story spun from the 'Circle City'

Noted as the Orange County (CA) gateway to the Inland Empire, the "Circle City" of Corona rarely makes national or regional news.  But our nearby local community just made headlines and considerable 'social current see' through reports of generosity and kindness. The STORY was related to the theft of Jocelyn Flores' expensive pink wheelchair which prompted a search by police and a deserving community response. Jocelyn Flores' wheelchair was stolen from the front porch of her family's home in Corona. Jocelyn, 4, has Down syndrome, and without the wheelchair she was unable to attend school.

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Theft of Jocelyn Flores' expensive pink wheelchair prompts a search by police and an outpouring of generosity
— ad colligenda bona (@FRamabama) December 20, 2014

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INsync▶The 25 Hottest Professional Skills of 2014

INsync with INsourceMaria Ignatova, who adds this to the 'social current see' on the topic of professional recruiting as we wrap up 2014 and head into 2015: "After analyzing the data in over 330 million LinkedIn member profiles, here are the 25 hottest skills globally." ★ Bingo, bango, bongo, or just ☆ BING


The 25 Hottest Skills of 2014 on Linkedin from LinkedIn
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— Poachable (@poachable) November 27, 2014
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Transforming our time with their stories

One baby boomer who has been transforming our time with story is author Walter Isaacson. On October 24, 2011, Isaacson's authorized biography of Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs was published by Simon & Schuster. It became an international best-seller, breaking all records for sales of a biography. The book was based on over forty interviews with Jobs over a two-year period right up until shortly before his death. Isaacson also drew on conversations with friends, family members, and business rivals of the entrepreneur whose vision revolutionized computing, music, phones, animated films, and publishing. In 2014, he published The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution. It became a New York Times bestseller.

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