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Rapid development of Inland Empire communities?
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Many residents in the Temescal Valley are perplexed about the constant growth of this area, including traffic congestion that plagues the valley. Some believe the growth explosion has much to do with the attempts by local cities, counties, and other public entities to meet unfunded mandates for public employee pensions. Development provides perpetual revenues. The following data collection may underscore this theory. The pension obligations for local and state officials (most certainly including the state higher educational system) is astronomical. In fact, a search on TRANSPARENT CALIFORNIA ▶ ▶ finds more than 1,000 records of real, raw data that is most worthy of this archive. Who in the California university system is most thankful for the state's most liberal pension plans, see TRANSPARENT CALIFORNIA? ▶ If you live in the Inland Empire of Southern California, specifically Corona, look at the 'Corona' search results | Transparent California | You can look at and research pensions for anywhere in the state at the Transparent California site that curiously has its origins in Nevada.