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What is Xeriscaping?
WHAT is true is that this blogger is no expert on the subject of landscaping and I claim no experience as a journalist on the topic either. But the subject XERISCAPING GOLF COURSES. Still, the topic becomes a common interest development when you consider that our HOA resides in the midst of a major Southern California golf attraction known as Glen Ivy (formerly Trilogy), the actual moniker for our HOA community, Trilogy Glen Ivy.

▶ Those WHO live in the community or play golf at Trilogy well know the challenges here to maintain the golf course lakes and buffer areas that have water features or native landscaping. One lake (#16) has been bone dry for years; others are noticeably depleted. Overall, the course is in acceptable shape, but these blighted areas are a concern.

▶ That's WHY the consideration of Xeriscaping may be viable, an idea that may be the vehicle to restore critical areas to a state that is acceptable to the budget-mined golf course owner, golfers who play here, and the homeowners of Trilogy.

WHERE was the inset (above) photo taken? It is a classic example of how a Missouri golf course applied Xeriscaping to a large-scale area adjacent to a green and sand bunker configuration, exactly the type of landscaping challenge that exists at our Trilogy Lake#16 location.  The course is Big Cedar Lake Lodge GC in Ridgedale, MO, the Lake of the Ozarks.

▶ In addition, you might want to view the video link above to see the story about Westbrook Golf Irrigation and Xeriscape Renovation - RJP Estate Planning Lakes Golf Course, an Arizona example of Xeriscaping redevelopment of an entire golf course.

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