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▶FAQ▶ #HOALawyers▶ #SocialCurrentSee "I’m in settlement talks with my homeowner association over a complicated problem that we finally resolved during a long internal-dispute-resolution meeting. I want to include two concerns in our agreement, so the association told me to write the clauses and return the final draft. But I’m not an attorney and am afraid if I write those two clauses I could prejudice myself and my case. For more of this FAQ, read

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▶In this FLIPBOARD clip of a column written by Donie Vanitzian in the LATimes... The universal dilemma of potential legal complications for homeowners is explained. Essentially, no conflict that arises between homeowners and their HOA is beyond the veil of legal counsel for the HOA. Remember: Legal counsel, for whom the dues and fees paid by the homeowners cover legal services for the HOA alone, do not represent homeowners. Author Vanitzian well describes a conundrum for homeowners who may seek and need legal assistance with an HOA matter from time to time. Truth is, unless you have legal training in HOA matters, don't attempt to challenge your HOA. First consider retaining qualified legal representation. Expect to pay the market rate for that service. No shortcuts.

▶ We here in Trilogy Glen Ivy, the common interest development (aka HOA) in Temescal Valley well know that virtually the only way to solve HOA conflicts is through retaining qualified, experienced outside counsel. A 2014 Mediation Agreement for Cobblestone Canyon, the 170-unit condominium special benefit area (SBA) within Trilogy, was a classic example of this reality.

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