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▶ Almost from the beginning, there was friction between the Boswells, on one hand, and the Association and Schmidt on the other. Were the Boswells repeatedly violating the Association’s rules? Or was the Association repeatedly bringing groundless and harassing enforcement proceedings against the Boswells? Tensions escalated after the Association and Schmidt discovered that a putative class action for fraud had been filed against the Boswells and their business, and again after Boswell created a Facebook page entitled, “What’s Happening in the Retreat?,” which the Association and Schmidt considered defamatory.▶ goo.gl/Oqgn6A ▶flip.it/G5w9M-

In 2011, David and Melina Boswell moved into a gated community in Corona called the Retreat. The Retreat Community Association (Association) is the homeowners association for the Retreat. Carl S. Schmidt is the President of the Association. | #HOALaw▶ #SocialCurrentSee 

Be sure to read Boswell v. The Retreat Community Association. The legal outcome is that a California appellate court reversed a trial court. The part that's most interesting to boards everywhere is that the appellate court's ruling means residents are permitted to sue a board for intentional infliction of emotional distress after a board president appears to have waged a vendetta against residents.▶ goo.gl/fVGxSo

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