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The Google Earth image above is a hovering shot from above a Minnesota State common interest development (aka HOA) that may be the site of a most unusual story, archived below:

 As we archive this Trilogy of HOA stories, our lead item is a fascinating account from 15830 Andrie St NW, a house in a Ramsey, MN 55303 HOA This 3,227 square foot house features 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms This property was built in 1992 Located in central Minnestoa, Northfork is a 1,250 acre planned community located on the far western side of the the City of Ramsey, and eastern border of Elk River▶ Northfork has an active Homeowners Association committed to keeping this a great community in which to live▶ The Homeowners Association owns approximately 300 acres of open space, trails and lake accesses for use and enjoyment by Northfork residents

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 Now, a Q&A of some interest: "I’m the newly elected president of my association. Last week at our first meeting, the board decided to terminate the association’s counsel of more than 30 years and get a new attorney. Our new counsel has made two written demands for our association’s files. First our old attorney claimed the files were “archived” and he couldn’t get to them. Then he said he destroyed all records and files 10 years or older."

 Common interest developments, or homeowner associations, house about one

third of Californians, and most new housing stock is established in HOAs. Can buyers determine whether an association residence is a good investment, or if the HOA is healthy? Is it simply price and location? Well-run associations in poor locations might be more desirable than poorly run associations in great locations. Consider these factors:

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