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▶ TWITTER moments (like the one archived here) and social media content well archive the location and sources of some recent #HOA news▶  According to the Community Associations Institute (CAI), there are more than 333,000 HOAs, CIDs, or POAs in the U.S.▶ These communities include more than 26 million dwellings and over 66.7 million residents (2014 data)▶ Homeowners associations account for about 51–55% of the totals, condominium communities for 42–45% and cooperatives for 3–4%▶ Florida, California, and Texas are home to more than 100,000 associations with over 20 million residents combined ▶Postedhttp://bit.ly/2fL1qhA

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ALTACITIES® by social media archivist ALTALOMAN® is a web moniker for content created and archived in the 'social current see' (SCS) for and about the subject of COMMON INTEREST DEVELOPMENTS, the residential communities of some 68 million people in the USA.

ALTACITIES®, an acronym for "ALTERNATE CITIES", is the web moniker for the neighborhood of sites, blogs and locations created and managed by ALTALOMAN, in reference to our journals and blogging activity when Dee Dee and I were residents of Alta Loma, part of Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California. Of course, we have moved on but these ALTACITIES® remain.

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