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The lawsuit argues his negligence sparked a fire that forced 5,000 people from their homes.
AP Los angels reports, "The federal government is suing a homeowner for nearly $25 million, arguing his negligence sparked a 2013 fire in the mountains east of Los Angeles that forced 5,000 people from their homes.

"The lawsuit, filed Thursday in LA, says a short in a poorly maintained electrical junction box sparked a July 2013 fire in the San Jacinto Mountains above Palm Springs and near Hemet in Riverside County, aka the Inland Empire of Southern California.

Residents of the TRILOGY area know that this location is about a 30 minute drive east and a locality (like their own) that is prone to wild fires.

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California faces an active wildfire season in 2016 due to years of drought and what could be a scorching summer.  As noted in the story above, the fire danger is compounded by human errors and omissions.