What about FEMA?

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency @fema is the one government department that most comes to mind when disaster strikes.  Even though the agency is well represented in today's 'social current see', as in 442K followers, there is much to learn about how, when, and how often FEMA responds when citizens call.  The tweet at the top of this post helps send us in that direction.

Slowly making its way through Congress is H.R. 3700, called the “Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2015,” introduced in October 2015.  Ostensibly, the bill is an effort to help eliminate FEMA discrimination on how condos and condominium units are treated by FEMA.  You can read more at the links provided in the tweet and here : https://t.co/F1t2QwLXTw + https://t.co/uI61ooY1kL