HOA amok? What now?

(CORONA in sync with ALTACITIES) ~ The embedded tweet above prompted a temporary exchange with one of my 796 TWITTER followers, a frequent contributor who often expresses angst about the way that his HOA is run, rather is run amok.  His comment prompted my brief aside to find definition for the following:

Certainly, if you are cursed with a "HELLISH" HOA, then you must find these characteristics in your board of directors composition.  At least, that would be my first guess.

While the conditions and terms can be defined, the key question is:  What can you do about it?

As organizational relationships go, perhaps the most complicated ones exist between those who govern (even private government, aka "privatopia") and the governed, in this case, homeowners. The complexity of this deal is exacerbated because there is no official appeal resource when HOA matters go amok.  Nothing but legal channels for resolution which can become very expensive, difficult, and create more problems as well.

The content of ALTACITIES is intended to offer perspective on these matters, if not solutions.

Some might not find this link to be entirely relevant as a solution for sticky HOA problems, but I found some solace in this daily reading: HE WILL REPLY.

Of course, fortunately, the personality types on the typical HOA board (or in the league of property managers) don't generally rise to the extreme classifications described above.  However, because of the culture that is generally fostered in property management circles, it is some times difficult to determine the boundaries.

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