An SCS 'EDU' about HOAs*

* Of course, the terms (acronyms) of our headline are easily defined: SCS = social current see; EDU = education; HOAs = homeowner associations. This site is focused on those topics, constantly looking for sources and content that help homeowners (titleholders) in common interest developments (aka HOAs) to better understand the challenge of living and operating in these locations.

Since April 2000, George K. Staropoli has testified before legislative committees in Arizona, Florida and Nevada and his opinions and views have appeared in the national and local media. He has been quoted in Private Neighborhoods and the Transformation of Local Government (2005), AARP Policy Institute Homeowners Bill of Rights proposal (2006), and acknowledged as a leading advocate in the Thomson – West legal treatise, California Common Interest Developments – Homeowner’s Guide (2006) and in Evan McKenzie's Beyond Privatopia (2011).

This video (from the Staropoli YouTube archive) covers the Arizona Senate GE committee hearing on a bill that would allow unlicensed HOA managers to represent HOAs. It shows the AZ legislature abdicating and supporting HOA-Land rule over democratic rule, and over the Constitution. It shows a banana republic, "I see no problems," mentality. Clip is dated from March 25, 2013, but is still relevant today.

To understand where George is coming from, all you have to do is read the preamble of his website: "Public policy today rejects constitutional government for HOAs allowing them to operate outside the law of the land. The policy makers have failed to understand that the HOA CC&Rs have crossed over the line between purely property restrictions to establishing unregulated and authoritarian private governments." See Regulatory agency enforcement of HOA violations. "The enforcement of civil law can be found in such state (and federal) regulatory agencies."