Gambling with casino condo

(CORONA in sync with ALTACITIES) Our common interest development, aka homeowner association (or HOA) has a monthly newsletter.  The November 2015 issue has a helpful chart about how and where our monthly dues are allocated. To be specific, $80.90 of our $273.00 base dues are allocated for administrative expense.  That expense category includes legal services, but the specific legal expenses are not detailed due to confidentiality and attorney-client privileges.

Because an HOA is, in fact, a nonprofit community benefit corporation, legal services are necessary and vital, starting with the drafting of bylaws and the covenants, rules, and regulations (CC&Rs). But beyond tending to the creation and modification of these documents, legal counsel is always involved in dispute and conflict resolution within and around the association.  To learn more about the legal affairs of HOAs, read about the Davis-Stirling Law (DSL) in California.

Without an understanding of DSL, you may be gambling with your HOA life.