5 Pros and Cons of Homeowners' Associations

(CORONA in sync with ALTACITIES) Scanning the web for content creation of this archive, we found the following as comments, content, clips, and links for the 'social current see' on topic. While there is no 'final' list of the pros and cons of HOA living today, there are many who will take a stab at outlining the subject.  What is your comment on the following list?

1) Your neighborhood will look good
2) Community amenities
3) Maintenance costs are shared
4) You've got a built-in mediator (the HOA Board?)
5) Get to know your neighbors

1) HOA dues & assessments
2) Your hands are (somewhat) tied
3) Beware of HOA financial woes
4) Give up some freedom
5) Watch out for the "rogue" board member


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