Guilty Communication in our HOA

Our common interest development (aka HOA) with 1317 homes south of Corona in the Inland Empire of Southern California is basically a peaceful, tranquil setting at the base of the Cleveland National Forest.

That is not to say that we don't occasionally, maybe even regularly have homeowner and HOA governance or management issues that help to spike temperaments and blood pressures alike for this 55+ community.  One of the best unofficial monitors of neighborhood politics is a website message board called Trilogynow.

Unfortunately, I am a current outcast at the site due to violation of the host rules:  When writing about the California drought and the coming El Niño, I dared to provide an external link to amplify information on the subject.  The host of the message board, a former board member for our HOA, has such a proprietary, provincial view of his site, he will stifle, even censor communication for the most inane reasons.

So, I am reluctantly giving the Trilogynow site a promotional plug while trying to draw attention to one particular post in that location that deals with a matter of some urgency:

The September 30, 8:30 am hearing at Riverside Superior Court with Judge Craig G. Riemer.  The details of this are explained in the following previous posts:

As for the message board content that I was attempting to promote and amplify with additional comments, the following clips will explain:

You must forgive my angst, but when HOA management, lawyers and judges convey information of this nature, my blogging interest gets an adrenaline rush because it wasn't that long ago that our community simply ignored a chance to appear in court on a serious matter.  Our collective failure to pay attention ended up costing us all more than a $100K.  We dare not let that happen again.

If interested in knowing more about this subject, you can check out the following 'social current see':