Class action view above the Trilogy Hills

Even though a notable but small percentage of homeowners seem to pay attention to such matters, this coming Wednesday, September 30, is an important date in our community. We have been summoned, of sorts, to court about a class action suit brought almost five years ago by our common interest development (aka HOA) against our original developer and a large telecommunication company. Details provided in the 'social current see' that follows and the preceding posts.

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  1. "No individual homeowners in Trilogy Glen Ivy who have a stake in this matter simply have been granted full discovery of the details of this case. The class action motion should be denied at this time. After discovery, many may decide that the motion should be granted. However, striking the class action is premature at this time."

    * Because, this is what we don't know:

    1) What are the full, true, real consequences of dropping the class action nature of the suit or, for that matter, keeping the class action in place?

    2) What additional costs, time, and effort will dropping the class action create or, for that matter, what additional costs, time, and effort will keeping the class action create for the case.

    3) Was the agreement between TWC and Shea Homes an unfair business practice? This case was filed to determine that, correct?


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