The film your HOA doesn't want you to see

Now two years after initial release, the film HOAX follows an investigative reporter, homeowners, and HOA reform activists as they illustrate shocking evidence of financial and psychological hardships throughout Texas and Nevada. A few of these people, including the filmmaker, are the subject of adverse actions from the very homeowners associations created to help them.

Prior to this production, in 2006, Rodney Gray produced and directed the documentary short, A Tenant’s Action, that explored the humiliation and fear of retaliation from landlords, he and other tenants have gone through as a lived experience in Philadelphia, PA. This documentary showed tenants as underdogs, standing up against private and corporate landlords who take their money, bullies them, and at times puts their lives in danger with inadequate maintenance, unsanitary conditions, and fire code violations. This documentary won a Freese Foundational Award at Temple University in 2006.