What do you know about CDRE?

The California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) is a division of the state government, although the name of the agency recently changed to California Department of Real Estate (CDRE). Primarily responsible for real estate broker and agent licensing, the department also receives and files (without review and approval) the original CC&Rs for Common Interest Developments (CIDs) in the state.

But also, homeowners and leaders of homeowner associations (HOAs) know that CDRE is not an advocacy agency for homeowners in CIDs, as you can see when you read this content at their site:

Q. - What about homeowner associations disputes?
A. - We suggest that members refer to their governing documents (Articles, Bylaws, Declaration, etc.) for dispute resolution remedies. The California State Attorney General's office provides some oversight for incorporated homeowner associations. Depending on the nature of the problem, you may consider seeking the advice of a private attorney or contacting your local district attorney's office.

If the subdivider still owns interests within the project, we recommend that the association and/or
owners contact the Department of Real Estate for possible assistance. The Department's powers
are generally limited to preventing the subdivider from marketing the remaining units in the
project, if wrongdoing is substantiated.




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