#HOA 'Law & Order'

Like the estimated 6 million others in California that live in an homeowner's association community (HOA), you are probably among the vast majority who never, or seldom attend an HOA board meeting. This means you don't pay much attention to matters of governance and the legalities of the nonprofit organization that is your HOA.  That is, nothing probably matters in that arena until an issue arises like an unexpected special assessment or a community maintenance issue that seems to be overlooked.

Whatever your reason to tune out or tune into these matters, you may now need (or one day need) to go looking for trusted sources of information about #HOALaw, but where do you turn?

Our post today kicks off with a video message from a source that is trying to encourage HOA management firms to set up and maintain a presence with blogs and social media.  But will that be the primary source you would use to understand the legalities of your HOA?  Maybe not.  What are the chances that your HOA website and management will give you links to content by your HOA attorney?  If they did, what would be the message and the point of view?

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