Condos: Noisy Neighbors?

I am happy to report that we have no "noisy neighbor" problem at our condo.  Not in our single unit and not in the neighborhood of some 170 condo dwellers.  Trilogy Glen Ivy, south of Corona, CA, may be one of the most peaceful (noise-wise) 55+ communities in all of the USA, certainly in California.

But reading the 'social current see' that follows, certainly many other condo communities have problems with noisy neighbors.  While some are sounding off or moving away because of the issue, I am choosing to give kudos to a trusted source, Beth A. Grimm (aka Condo Law Guru), an attorney who serves homeowner associations and homeowners alike. She is a frequent contributor to the Echo Journal and other similar publications in the State of California and on a national level. She provides several publications written in plain English to help people who need information about California law as it relates to homeowner and condominium associations.



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