RIVCO unincorporated areas have $52m funding gap

RIVCO unincorporated areas have a $52m annual funding gap  Riverside County (RIVCO) 1st District Supervisor Kevin Jeffries displays much candor and public transparency when he shares with citizens the following data in his December newsletter:Revenues Generated in Unincorporated Areas of the County: ▶ County Share of Unincorporated Property Taxes: $53.3 million ▶ County Share of Unincorporated Supplemental Taxes: $0.8 million ▶ Unincorporated Share of Motor Vehicle In-Lieu Fees: $26.7 million ▶ Sales Tax Collected in Unincorporated Areas: $27.9 million ▶ Unincorporated Franchise Fees $6.9 million
TOTAL REVENUES: $115.6 million Expenses for Basic Public Safety Services in Unincorporated Areas of the County: ▶ Sheriff Patrol: $92.7 million ▶ Fire Protection: $56.5 million ▶ Code Enforcement: $6.4 million ▶ Animal Services: $11.8 million
TOTAL EXPENSES: $167.4 million "This $52 million annual gap further illustrates that simply adding 'rooftops' to our communities is not goin…

Temescal Valley, Corona linked in ▶

Corona City labor dispute

A major recall effort in the City of Corona linked to our location in the Temescal Valley 92883 roils the body politic at this time.  A variety of disputes raise the specter of this effort to unseat the Corona mayor and two other council members.
Sometimes you wonder why some stories of grave national importance get so little coverage in the local, regional, or national press. The USA Pension Crisis is one of those stories. The topic prompts with #SocialCurrentSee due to the fact that a Corona City labor dispute is bringing forward evidence that the Corona version of the pension mess is a contributing source of local angst. Add your comments below.
Rule #1 for driving Temescal Valley (TV): If you are traveling this way and would normally take the freeways through the Temescal Valley and Corona, stay on the freeway the entire distance. Don't exit to side streets even if some traffic app alerts that such an alternative route may be beneficial. Usually, it is…

HOA ▶ Bill of Rights

HOA ▶ Bill of Rights
One of the most prolific and industry-trusted sources for governance information about common interest developments or homeowner associations (HOAs) is the Honorable Lawrence Stirling who (you guessed right) was the half-sponsor of the California Davis-Stirling Act (DSA).

Because of that credibility on matters HOA, I have asked at his site for his opinion on the following new law, a recently enacted preamble for the DSA.
CA Chapter 236 (SB 407) (2017) : Your HOA 'Bill of Rights' (now law)
At the closing of the 2017 California Legislature session the second week of September, one of the oblique (meaning little-observed) and almost anonymous laws that was passed and signed by Governor Brown had the title that is noted above and is now archived in the following post.  One week later, almost nothing about this story appears in the public press.  A Google searc…

Altacities® ▶ Disastrophe

None will deny that not a day or week seems to go by without some major news story about a natural disaster somewhere in the world.

These news and social media accounts are more than a passing interest to most, particularly to USA residents due to recent disasters in North America from coast-to-coast. Whatever the calamity, humanity is disrupted and displaced.  These topics, while not very uplifting to contemplate, have actually resulted in new definitions for these times, like:

DISASTROPHE is a recently coined term to blend "disaster" with "catastrophe" in the lexicon of disaster recovery.  What follows are a series of posts on the topic during the timeframe of two serious wildfires in California.  So serious are these fires that they have well-distracted Californians from the usual calamity on their minds, earthquakes.
DISASTER RECOVERY for common interest developments (aka homeowner associations or HOAs), indeed recovery after disaster for any homeowner or commu…

Pension Link ▶ California

Rapid development of Inland Empire communities?
Consider The Pensions Link! Many residents in the Temescal Valley are perplexed about the constant growth of this area, including traffic congestion that plagues the valley. Some believe the growth explosion has much to do with the attempts by local cities, counties, and other public entities to meet unfunded mandates for public employee pensions. Development provides perpetual revenues. The following data collection may underscore this theory. The pension obligations for local and state officials (most certainly including the state higher educational system) is astronomical. In fact, a search on TRANSPARENT CALIFORNIA ▶ ▶ finds more than 1,000 records of real, raw data that is most worthy of this archive. Who in the California university system is most thankful for the state's most liberal pension plans, see TRANSPARENT CALIFORNIA? ▶ If you live in the Inland Empire of Southern Califo…

#HOA 'Gray Laws'▶ #SocialCurrentSee

Flip②▶ #SocialCurrentSee by #ALTACITIES and #CANSWERIST▶ Circa 1985 and the origins of the California Davis-Stirling Act governing HOAs — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) March 14, 2017 With more than 9 million Californians as homeowners, residents of common interest developments (aka homeowner associations or HOAs), it stands to reason that there is a specific body of law to help govern these communities. Of course, that law is the Davis-Stirling Act (DSL), extant since 1985.
Did you know? The prime-position author of that law, the notable former and recalled Gov. Gray Davis actually did not write the law, but relied upon a San Diego law professor for the content with cooperation from fellow attorney and former CA Assemblyman Lawrence Stirling. The summary story is shared in the archive above.

Actually, the origin and authorship standings for the Davis-Stirling Act is not really that unusual in California.  In order to get bills passed, legislators often colla…

Transparent ▶ California

Inspection of state government records like voter rolls county by county is a dicey matter. One would think that the most transparent practice in this regard might be the largest state, California, but that is obviously not the case.

Even though the over-arching theme of our #ALTACITIES blogs is #HOA private governance, there remain a host of other #transparency concerns for the real cities of California, details that need public inspection beyond the confines of the typical common interest development, homeowners association or HOA. LINK ▶